HSBC to launch Transferwise rival

HSBC is taking on the likes of Transferwise and Revolut with the launch of Global Money Account, a free mobile-based service that customers can use to hold, manage and send funds in various currencies to HSBC customers in over 20 markets around the clock in real-time without incurring any fees.

HSBC Global View Global Transfers- faster than grilling your toast.

If you’re an HSBC Premier or Advance customer, you can transfer funds instantly and easily within your HSBC accounts globally through Internet banking for free.
With Global View and Global Transfers, you can:
• Log-in once to view and manage all your accounts on one screen
• Make instant transfers between your global accounts in different currencies*
• Transfer funds of up to USD 100,000 instantly*
• Open an international HSBC Premier or Advance account anywhere in the world

Visit to register now or find out more information.

* Global Transfers are effected instantly (typically within 6 seconds from submitting the required information) for supported currencies. For a list of supported currencies, please click here: . Exceptionally, in circumstances outside of our control, it may not be possible to effect your transfer through Global Transfers, in which case you should contact our Customer Services to effect your transfer.

Wise: The Best Way to Send Money Abroad (TransferWise)


In this video you’ll learn how Wise (previously TransferWise) works. I’ll show you how to convert currency quickly and easily using the Real Exchange Rate aka. Mid Market Rate. By way of an example, we’ll turn GBP into AUD using two different methods:

▪ Low Cost Transfer (Bank Transfer)
▪ Fast and Easy Transfer (Debit Card / Credit Card)

▪ Wise Borderless Card →
▪ How Wise is Regulated→
▪ What Countries Can You Send To →
▪ What Currencies Can You Send To & From? →

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00:00 – Intro
00:23 – Logging in
00:33 – Homepage
00:53 – Converting GBP to AUD
01:14 – How to do a Low Cost Bank Transfer (Part 1)
02:29 – How is Wise so Cheap?
02:57 – How to do a Low Cost Bank Transfer (Part 2)
08:02 – How to do a Fast and Easy Debit / Credit Card Transfer
08:57 – Is Wise Safe?
09:07 – The Next Day

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How To Add A Beneficiary To HSBC Bank Account | Step By Step Process 2022 | English Version

Hello Friends

Today I have shown you, how to add a beneficiary through Internet Banking to your HSBC Bank Account in 2022. Watch the entire video and follow the steps, if faces any difficulties, feel free to drop in comment section. Thanks for Watching!
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Revolut vs. Wise (Transferwise) – My review after 1 year (2022)

This video is not sponsored. I have a standard account with Revolut and Wise for about a year now and they have traveled to several countries with me. In fact, I never travel without these them. Now I think I am in a good position to give you a review and my honest opinion about Revolut and Wise (formerly known as Transferwise). Do I think Revolut or Wise is the better choice? Do I have a favorite? Are they really a good way to save money while traveling? Find out in this video 🙂

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