TransferWise enlists Goldman and Morgan Stanley for IPO – Sky News

Online money transfer unicorn TransferWise has appointed Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to co-ordinate a planned initial public offering in London later this year, according to Sky News.

Morgan Stanley CEO: Goldman op-ed ‘unfair’

James Gorman, Chairman and CEO of Morgan Stanley says New York Times was unfair to run an op-ed from a single disgruntled employee of Goldman Sachs.

Morgan Stanley ‘What Matters’

Singing Serpent spot for Morgan Stanley ‘What Matters’

Morgan Stanley is not Goldman Sachs

Morgan Stanley posted a smaller-than-expected loss on strong revenues, sending its stock soaring. Rival Goldman Sachs wasn’t so lucky earlier this week.

The big fight: Goldman Sachs vs Morgan Stanley

We’re looking at a battle between two investment banks and two business models, so who will win the fight between Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley? Saxo’s Head of Equity Strategy, Peter Garnry has been investigating these titans of Wall Street. Goldman, he says, continues to emphasise the old model of high risk capital markets, fixed income trading and commodities. Morgan Stanley has gone down a “safer” route, focusing on retail brokerage and wealth management. Peter says what sets any industry winner apart from its competitors is its relentless ability to produce a higher return on the capital invested. In almost every fiscal quarter since 2003, Goldman Sachs has had a higher twelve month rolling return on equity than Morgan Stanley. It’s a testament, he says to Goldman’s business model and its staff. Morgan Stanley would likely have failed if the Fed and the US government hadn’t intervened in the economy in the wake of the global financial crisis. It led to the bank making an imoprtant strategic decision and scale down high risk and capital intensive businesses such as fixed income trading. It’s new business model is beginning to work, says Peter.However, Goldman Sachs is likely to be the big winner, according to Garnry. It has a higher growth potential. As competitors leave the riskier ground, it’s likely to have a far easier time in the years ahead. Read more about Peter’s analysis into Goldman and Morgan Stanley here: (