Wealthsimple lays off 13% of staff

Canadian digital wealth platform Wealthsimple is the latest fintech to trim its workforce, blaming "market volatility" for the decision to lay off 13% of its staff.

Last Stock Buy of the Year! Seee yah 2022 | Dividend Investing | Wealthsimple Trade | $100 a Week

It’s a Wrap! Time to move on move forward and set new goals or keep moving forward with previous ones! Last Purchase of the year! Which stock is the lucky one today!

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How to Withdrawal Crypto Off Wealthsimple – WHY YOU NEED TO DO IT!

Get $50 when you open and fund your Wealthsimple Crypto account with $150. Sign-up using my link: https://cutt.ly/NFDdiNW

0:00 Intro
0:41 Why The New Feature
1:15 Getting Started
1:57 Crypto Withdrawals
2:55 Crypto Depositing
3:34 Why Withdrawal?
4:37 Transactional Freedom
4:57 Voting Power
6:22 Censoring
6:59 Deception
7:14 Seizure
7:42 Why Store Coins Wealthsimple?
8:14 Shared Custody
8:42 Coin Coverage Protection
9:13 Regulated
9:45 Free $50 When You Get Started.

I have been real hard on Wealthsimple. For the simple reason you could not withdrawal your coins off the platform.

All users can now take Bitcoin and Ethereum off the platform! (more coins coming soon).

In this video I cover all questions:
– What coins can you take off the platform?
– What are the fees?
– How do you do it?
– Why do you need to do it?
– is there a benefit not to?
– What do you need to get started?
– Is Wealthsimple crypto any good?

Overall I’m glad a large company is making this change. It for the moment shows they are on the customers side. They now have all the features of a quality place to buy Bitcoin in Canada!

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Wealthsimple is laying off 13% of its workforce

Wealthsimple is laying off 13% of its workforce as it grapples with market volatility.

CEO Michael Katchen broke the news to staff in a letter, telling 159 of the 1,262 employees they would be let go.

Katchen says business boomed as markets soared during the pandemic, but those days are ending as clients face market uncertainty like never before. He says the focus will be on core offerings like investing, banking, and innovative products like cryptocurrency. The news comes a week after a hiring freeze became public.


Why I Left Wealthsimple (And What I’m Doing Next)

I just took all my money out of Wealthsimple Invest, and this video is to explain why. I know it’s only been a few months since I made my previous video on how much money I’ve earned using Wealthsimple’s robo-advisor, so you may be surprised to hear now that I’m leaving. But I think in the video it will make more sense.

I’m still a big fan of Wealthsimple (I invested with them for over 4 years remember), but it was just time for a change and I’m super excited about what’s next.


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