Wealthsimple quits UK market

Canadian fintech giant Wealthsimple is pulling out of the UK investment market, transferring its customers to Moneyfarm.

Wealthsimple Review – ($49,220 Growth Portfolio) Results Post Stock Market Crash

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Wealthsimple Trade Dividend Update November

November was a great month for the self-directed Canadian portfolio. Based on some comments on the last video I created a pie chart to show you how my portfolio breaks down by sector. Surprisingly it’s not all financial and real estate sectors, I also have a big portion in retail stocks, oil & gas stocks, and manufacturing. I will continue to expand in sectors other than just financial and real estate.

In this video I share my dividend total income for the month, and I talk about some stock purchases I made. Some that I highlight in greater detail are Cogeco CCA.TO and Quebecor QBR.B. Both of these are Canadian telecom companies based in Quebec. Both of these companies are dividend aristocrats and they have a nice yield. Looking forward I will be purchasing a lot more of these two stocks. Cogeco is even expanding into the US market through acquisitions of companies in Ohio and New Hampshire.

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WealthSimple Halal ETF Review

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In this video we covered:
Wealthsimple Shariah World Equity Index ETF (WSHR)
Fund Overview
Management fee
Sharia screening methodology

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A Warning About Wealthsimple… | Canadian Investing 2021

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0:00 Intro
1:10 The Problem
7:50 The Solution
⚠ #Wealthsimple #CanadaInvesting #Questrade⚠

And full disclosure, I DO use Wealthsimple for a portion of my portfolio, and generally like the company, and I always love when more companies like this open up in Canada, creating jobs for Canadians in the financial tech industry.

So I’m not just slamming it – this is what you need to know if you already are using Wealthsimple, or are trying to decide whether or not to sign up

It has to do with Fees – and whenever a company offers something for free, it’s best to take a closer look to see how they’re actually making their money.

Not a big deal, most brokerages charge a fee on the conversion of currency.

The problem is with something called the ‘currency settlement’.

As of right now, they don’t allow you to sell your US stocks, and keep the funds in US dollars. Instead, every time you sell or buy a US stock, the 1.5% currency conversion fee is charged.

This is how Wealthsimple trade makes their money. Because you can only hold CAD in your account. Anytime you interact with a US or foreign stock, wealthsimple is able to collect this 1.5% fee on the entire value of the transaction, whether sell or buy.

Now don’t get me wrong, Wealthsimple is a great brokerage, and if you only intend to invest in Canadian stocks, or Exchange Traded Funds, Wealthsimple is pretty hard to beat, with zero commissions or fees on these transactions. It’s a great way for people to get started investing, because it is by far the most user friendly and intuitive platform – by miles.

But it can be a gateway

For most people, I recommend simply sticking to an etf strategy, so that you don’t have to put in the time and energy to research individual stocks. But if you make the decision that you do want to buy US stocks, and plan on occasionally selling, or rebalancing your portfolio, I wouldn’t always recommend WS.

Questrade allows you to settle your transactions in USD. This means their currency conversion fee of 2% only applies when you decide you want to convert your USD to CAD.

While this fee is half a percentage higher than wealthsimple, in most cases, especially if you plan to be even remotely active with your US stocks, the higher fee is worth it, to not have to pay the fee every time.

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